Erika Jurasits, DO

Erika Jurasits is an osteopathic physician with over twenty years’ experience in primary care. Convinced that traditional medicine was not truly healing her patients, she began her transition to functional medicine. Her practice is guided by the deep-seated belief that the body should be treated as a whole rather than as individual parts. This integrative, “whole body treatment” focuses on improving the mind, body and spirit, utilizes the body’s healing properties, and creates a sense of complete wellness. Dr. Erika’s passion for treating the whole person in order to change people’s lives is apparent in every aspect of her practice.

Dr. Erika studied at the NY College of Osteopathy and the University of Medicine and Dentistry in NJ. She holds a Masters Degree in Public Health, as well as a Doctor of Osteopathy. She is the founder of Integrative Healing Wellness, Inc. and is board certified in Family Medicine. She lectures across Long Island and in New York City, striving to be a healing presence in our local community and beyond.

Dr. Erika lives life with wellness in mind. She prepares organic foods for her family, often sourced from her own garden, and enjoys hiking and kayaking in the natural beauty of Long Island’s East End.

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